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Shiv Khori Cave Near Katra Jammu | Exploring the Mystical Depths of Shiv Khori.

Shiv Khori Cave Near Katra Jammu | Exploring the Mystical Depths of Shiv Khori
Shiv Khori " Om Namha Shivaya Om"

Exploring the Mystical Depths of Shiv Khori

Nestled within the breathtaking mountains of Jammu & Kashmir lies a place of divine reverence and spiritual allure—Shiv Khori.


Shri Shiv Khori cave is situated nearly 2.5 kms from Yatra Darbar, located in District Reasi. The distinct feature of the cave is a 4 feet high naturally formed 'Shivji Maharaj Lingam'. Other natural deities, inscribed on the stones are also present inside the cave. To the left of Shivlingam Maa Parwati is sitting whose image can be identified by impression of her holy feet. Along the image of Maa Parwati, Gauri kund is also visible which is always full of holy water. Image of Kartikeya is also seen in left of Shivlingam.


Shiv Khori Cave Near Katra Jammu | Exploring the Mystical Depths of Shiv Khori | 80km

At nearly 2.5 feet above the Kartikeya, image of five headed Ganesha is clearly visible. To the right side of Shivlingam one can see Ramdarbar having images of Lord Ram, Lakhshman, Sita and Hanuman. The whole cave is abounds with a number of other natural images which have been described as images of 33 crores hindu deities and their vahanaas. The cave roof is etched with snake like formations, the water trickles through these in the cave.


 'Three pronged lance' (Trishul) 'Oum' and 'Six Mouthed Sheshnaga' (Shkshthamukhi Sheshnag) are seen on the roof of the cave. The main part of cave roof has round cutting mark signifying construction of cave by Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Vishnu. In the second half of the main chamber Mahakali & Maha Sarswati is present. The potsherd of Mahakali is always full of holy water, which devotees use to sprinkle on themselves. Little above from the Mahakali, Panch- Pandava are present in natural rock form (pindies). Infront of the Mahakali on other wall of cave, natural rock image of Lord Shiva lieing down on floor is visible. A holy foot of Maa Kali is also visible on body of lord shiva. The whole environment inside the cave is so mesmerizing that a devotee feel himself in abode of god's place and whole nature appears turned spiritual.



Unveiling the Enigma: Shiv Khori is more than a cave; it's a sacred sanctum dedicated to Lord Shiva. As you traverse through its narrow passages and cavernous expanse, you'll witness mesmerizing naturally formed stalactites and stalagmites that evoke a sense of wonder and devotion.


The Spiritual Journey: Pilgrims from far and wide embark on a spiritual odyssey to pay homage to Lord Shiva within the depths of Shiv Khori. The resonating echoes of 'Om Namah Shivaya' fill the air, creating an aura of spiritual transcendence.


The Legend Unfolds: Legend has it that this sacred cave enshrines a naturally formed Shiva Lingam, and every corner echoes the tales of Lord Shiva's cosmic dance—the Tandava.


Journeying Within: The pilgrimage through Shiv Khori isn't merely a physical expedition; it's a journey within, delving into the depths of one's faith and spirituality. The serene ambiance and the rhythmic drip of water create an atmosphere conducive to introspection and meditation.


Beyond Boundaries: Shiv Khori isn't just a place for devout pilgrims; it's a testament to the unity and diversity of spiritual beliefs, welcoming people from all walks of life, fostering harmony and peace.

Join us in exploring the mystique and spiritual resonance of Shiv Khori. Let its ancient whispers and tranquil aura leave an indelible mark on your soul.


 Om Namah Shivaya 

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City                                        Distance


Jammu (via Katra)            130 KMS

Udhampur                        120 KMS

Katra                              80 KMS

Reasi                                   50 KMS


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